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BLIND DATE (DEADLY SEDUCTION) (director/writer: Nico Mastorakis; screenwriter: Fred C. Perry/story by Nico Mastorakis; cinematographer: Andrew Bellis; editor: George Rosenburg; music: Stanley Myers; cast: Joseph Bottoms (Jonathon Ratcliff), Kristie Alley (Claire Simpson), James Daughton (Dave), Lana Clarkson (Rachel), Keir Dullea (Dr. Steiger), Charles Nicklin (Robert), Marina Sirtis (Hooker), David Platt (Eye Doctor), Valerie Golino (Girl in Bikini), Antigone Amanitis (First Victim), Kathy Hill (Murdered Lover); Runtime: 99; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Nico Mastorakis; Vestron (New Line Cinema); 1984-USA/Greece-in English)
The story is so loopy it could possibly make a viewer go temporarily blind.

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Nico Mastorakis(“Glitch!”/”The Naked Truth”/”Hired to Kill”) shot the depraved B-film slasher story he wrote in his native Greece. It was meant to be a shocker to mess with the viewer’s minds. For me, it was just short of torture watching such unpleasant kinky nonsense, in a film saddled with inane dialogue. The story is so loopy it could possibly make a viewer go temporarily blind.

Jonathon Ratcliff (Joseph Bottoms) has a trauma attack after witnessing his girlfriend with another man and goes blind without a physical reason. He has an experimental computer chip implanted in his brain by Dr. Steiger (Keir Dullea) and can see again. The American Jonathan lives in Athens,where he witnesses a murder committed by a taxi driver using a surgical scalpel but his vision is too blurry to identify the killer. He now feels obligated to track down the psychopath serial killer. The tagline goes: It takes a blind man to solve the crime. We follow such criminal voyeuristic events as: The sexy Claire Simpson (Kirstie Alley) has her blouse slashed open to showoff her boobs. The sexy hooker (Marina Sirtis) is followed home and strips down to her panties and is tied to the bed while the maniac uses his scalpel to cut open her chest.The character Antigone Amanitou plays the first victim, who gets sliced up in the shower. The psychopath sits on the bed while Rachel (Lana Clarkson, the real-life murder vic in 2003 of Phil Specter) sleeps in the nude. And, the raunchy scenes go on and on until this creepy film runs out of nude vics. It’s the kind of Greek made film that will probably have the ancient Greeks rolling over in their graves.


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