(director/writer: Christopher Guest; screenwriters: Michael McKean, Michael Varhol; cinematographer: Jeff Jur; editor: Marty Nicholson; music: David Nichtern; cast: Fran Drescher (Polo Habel), Teri Hatcher (Gretchen), Kevin Bacon (Nick Chapman), Emily Longstreth (Susan Rawlings), J.T. Walsh (Allen Habel), Fran Drescher (Polo Habel), Jennifer Jason Leigh (Lydia Johnson), Martin Short (Nick’s Agent), Michael McKean (Emmet Sumner), .John Cleese (Bartender), Elliott Gould Attorney), Stephen Collins (Attorney), Eddie Albert (M.C.), June Lockhart (Janet Kingsley), Kim Miyori (Jenny Sumner), Roddy McDowall (Judge), Tracy Brooks Swope (Lori Pressman); Runtime: 112; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Michael Varhol; Sony Pictures Home Entertainment; 1989)

A genial and funny satire/comedy about an up-and-coming student filmmaker.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

The auspicious feature film debut for Christopher Guest(“The Best in Show”/”For Your Consideration”/”A Mighty Wind”). He and co-writer Michael McKean were co-writers on This is Spinal Tap. Also co-writing is Michael Varhol. The movie works best when it’s least serious.

The genial and funny satire/comedy is about an up-and-coming student filmmaker, who is chosen by a major Hollywood studio to make a movie for them. He’s nicely played by Kevin Bacon. But the film is stolen by Martin Short’s zany antics as Kevin’s insincere agent from hell. Also hilarious are J.T. Walsh as the cool but shallow and smarmy studio boss and Jennifer Jason Leigh as a wacky avant-garde dancer.Emily Longstreth costars as Bacon’s good vibe live-in architect girlfriend, who shows a lot of common sense.To witness the sleaze andhypocrisies of Hollywood is a treat. Cameos range from Eddie Albert to Elliott Gould.This was one of the final films David Puttnam made for Columbia.