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A TEACHER (director/writer: Hannah Fidell; cinematographer: Andrew Droz Palermo; editor: Sofi Marshall; music: Brian McOmber; cast: Linda Burdge (Diana Watts), Will Brittain (Eric Tull), Jennifer Prediger (Sophia), Jonny Mars (Hunter Watts), Julie Dell Phillips (Jessica), Chris Doubek (Eric’s father); Runtime: 75; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Hannah Fidell/Kim Sherman; Oscilloscope Laboraties; 2013)
Failed to excite me.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A low-budget indie provocative character study written and directed by Hannah Fidell(“We’re Glad You’re Here”), whose depiction of an amoral affair failed to excite me. The inert psychological thriller could have been ripped from the recent newspaper headlines. Its shocker theme of taboo love between teacher and pupil was tried in other recent films, but adds nothing new.

The twenty-something and attractive Diana Watts ( Linda Burdge), an English teacher in the upscale central, Texas, Westerbrook High School, is having an illicit affair with her student Eric Tull (Will Brittain), an affable but air-head hunky jock type with an SUV and texting skills. The slow moving pic waits until the last moments to show its one-dimensional teacher, with mental issues, cracking under the strains of the growing complexities from the risky relationship.

The drama was too slight and too blandly acted, as it left me still scratching my head about what the non-judgmental filmmaker was trying to say about such an unlawful relationship if it wasn’t a morality issue.


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