(director/writer: Jonah Feingold; screenwriters: Maria Hinojos/Giovanni M. Porta; cinematographer: Chuy Chavez; editor: Veronica Rutledge; music: Grant Fonda; cast: Monica Barbaro (Sophie), Diego Boneta (Alejandro), Anders Holm (Adam Clark), Jon Rudnitsky (Jimmy Martin), Whitney Cummings (Margot Cohen), Fernando Carsa (Tachi), Casey Thomas Brown (Chris James), Catherine Cohen (Rachel Abrams); Runtime: 100; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Diego Boneta, Eréndira Núñez Larios, David Bernon, Josh Glick, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Fred Berger; Paramount+; 2023)


Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Jonah Feingold (“Dating & New York”/”Bangarang”) directs this tepid R-rated rom/com he co-writes with Giovanni M. Porta and Maria Hinojos. It tells of an unlikely romance between a philandering dreamer junior hotel manager and a famous actress with an identity crisis.

Sophie (Monica Barbaro) is the star of a superhero franchise film that she thinks is crap, but keeps that to herself while in the second film. She is further upset to find out her on- and offscreen lover, Adam (Anders Holm), of five years, is cheating on her, but keeps up appearances by staying with him. As she listens to the drivel said by her sly agent (Whitney Cummings), who is also Adam’s agent, who says that cheating is a very French hip thing and that she also benefits by staying connected to the popular star.

Sophie then shoots a sequel in Cancun, Mexico, and meets Alejandro (Diego Boneta), a bilingual low-level hotel man and becomes more attracted to him than her boorish movie star ex.

Unfortunately the new couple are charmless and unappealing, as the movie becomes increasingly annoying

A man and a woman sit on a sofa
          watching a movie, the man's arm around the woman.


REVIEWED ON 2/22/2023  GRADE: C+