(director: Andrew Ahn; screenwriter: Joel Kim Booster; cinematographer: Felipe Vara de Rey; editor: Bria Michael Graceffa n A. Kates; music: Jay Wadley; cast: Margaret Cho (Erin), Bowen Yang (Howie), Joel Kim Booster (Noah), James Scully (Charlie), Matt Rogers (Luke), Conrad Ricamora (Will), Michael Graceffa (Rhys), Aidan Wharton (Bradan), Nick Adams (Cooper), Zane Phillips (Dex), Torian Miller (Max), Tomas Keegan (Keegan); Runtime: 105; MPAA Rating: R; producers; Tony Hernandez, John Hodges, Brooke Posch:  Searchlight Pictures/Hulu; 2022)

A modern day swinging gay rom/com.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A modern day swinging gay rom/com, based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice as if the novel were for queers. It’s set on Fire Island’s gay community in the Pines (referred to in the film as the “Gay Disneyland”). It’s directed with impunity and spunk by Andrew Ahn (“Driveways”/”Spa Nights”) and is written by the film’s narrator, Joel Kim Booster.

The plot has some gay friends holiday for a week on N.Y.’s Fire Island (staying with their party-girl mother Erin – Margaret Cho), and they go through a number of affairs and parties. It puts a positive spin on their lust for pleasure and being open-minded about minority gays.

Noah, the free-spirited narrator, urges his BFF Howie (Bowen Yang) to loosen up and get laid, as he falls for the jock doctor Charlie (James Scully).

Meanwhile Noah has a thing for the more stoical Will (Conrad Ricamora), a lawyer who is bit snobby.

The pic has characters spouting witty dialogue, good scenic visuals of romps on the sunny beach, an authentic feel for the LGBTQ community interacting, and is mostly a fun frolic with some time spared for Austen’s prejudiced part of her novel.

Should be adored by its target demographic and at least watchable for some straights,