(directors: Norman Dawn/Fred R. Feitshans Jr.; screenwriters: story by Norman Dawn/Charles F. Royal/Norton S. Parker/Robert Libott/Frank Burt; cinematographer: Norman Dawn/Jacob Hill/Edward Kull/William C. Thompson; editor: Fred R. Feitshans Jr.; music: Arthur Kay; cast: Del Cambre (Dr. Thomas Barlow), Eve Miller (Martha Barlow), Merrill McCormack (Trapper Mac), Gloria Petroff(Emily Barlow), Dan Riss (Narrator, director of the Thompson Institute), Fred Smith (Uncle Jim Thompson); Runtime: 62; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Boris Petroff; RKO; 1949-B/W)

A passable Arctic Circle adventure film.

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A passable Arctic Circle adventure film directed by Norman Dawn (“Taku”) and Fred R. Feitshans Jr. and written by Charles F. Royal, Norton S. Parker, Robert Libott and Frank Burt, from a story by Norman Dawn.

A former American Navy medic, Dr. Tom Barlow (Del Cambre), settles with his wife (Eve Miller) and young daughter (Gloria Petroff), in Cape Fear in the Arctic Circle. He hops around in a small plane to treat the natives in the remote community. One day while making a visit in the tundra, some nomad Eskimos track him down to tell him another nomad Eskimo tribe gave their settlement in far off Noonack the plague. Reluctant to go in his plane to such a remote place, the good doctor relents.

Before reaching his destination he’s forced to crash-land in the sea and swim past the icebergs to land in the wilderness when he develops engine trouble. Going on foot with no weapons, he’s threatened by a bear, musk oxen and a lion, and staves them off. Though weak, he survives on fish for over forty days. A search party fails to find him and calls off the search. But an Eskimo finds his gear and trapper Mac (Merrill McCormack) goes by boat and discovers him in the abandoned Noonack settlement, where he’s being attacked by a hungry pack of wild dogs.

Dr. Barlow returns home a hero for surviving his ordeal and fully recovers with his family. He brings home the two baby cubs who kept him company in the wilderness. It works as a simple inspirational story about man surviving in the wilderness.


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