(director: Spencer Gordon Bennet; screenwriter: Robert Emmett Tansey; cinematographer: Bert Longenecker; editor: Robert Golden; cast: Jack Randall (Jack Winters/Cherokee), Frank Yaconelli (Lopez), Texi-Ray Cox (Little Jimmy), Joyce Bryant (Mary Masters), Dennis Moore (Jimmy Winters/The Kansas Kid), Glenn Strange (Jeff Masters), Wylie Grant (Rawhide), Bob Card (Buff), Hal Price (Buckskin), Bud Osborne (Henchman Lex), Iron Eyes Cody (Brave); Runtime: 59; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Robert Emmett Tansey; Monogram; 1939)

Average B western, that has great location shots and some emotional impact.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Average B western, that has great location shots and some emotional impact. It’s directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet(“Killer Ape”/”Voodoo Tiger”/”Mysterious Island”). It’s written by the producer, Robert Emmett Tansey.

Jack Winters (Jack Randall) is a good citizen and Jimmy Winters (Dennis Moore) is an outlaw. The Winters are brothers, but they don’t know it until the climax when the brothers find themselves on opposite sides. When they were youngsters their wagon train was attacked by outlaws and their parents killed. The outlaws took Jimmy and raised him. The Indians found the older Jack by the wagon and raised him. Jimmy was told by the outlaws that the Indians attacked the wagon.

Some twenty years later both live in the same territory, and both develop a romantic interest in Mary Masters (Joyce Bryant). Jack takes the nickname Cherokee and becomes a trail scout. While Jimmy works also as a wagon scout, but he also works for the outlaws who raised him. Jimmy becomes known as the outlaw called the Kansas Kid. When Jack guards a stage crossing the plains, Jimmy attacks with his outlaw crew. Buckskin (Hal Price), the old wagon master, figures out that these must be the brothers who vanished from that tragedy long ago.When Jimmy then learns that the one who killed his parents was the outlaw who raised him, Buff (Robert Card), though mortally wounded in the ensuing battle, the dying Jimmy avenges the death of his parents before passing on. Jack, then, proposes to Mary, the daughter of the stage line owner (Glenn Strange).


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