(director/writer: Jeff Rosenberg; screenwriter: Laura Jacqmin; cinematographer: Andrew Aiello; editor: Stephanie Kaznocha; music: Nick Sena; cast: Aya Cash (Lori), William Jackson Harper (Doug), Sarah Bolger (Bea), Tony Cavaleros (Jayson), Peri Gilpin (Adelaide), Azita Ghanizada (Roya), Kobi Libii (Ari), Zak Steiner (Eric), Larisa Oleynik (Tia) ; Runtime: 80; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Mason Novick, Matt Ratner, Jeff Rosenberg, John Hermann; Tilted Windmill Productions/A Vertical Entertainment release; 2021)

It’s a shrill film.

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Veteran TV director Jeff Rosenberg (“OJ: The Musical”/”Relative Obscurity”) is the co-writer and director of this unconventional indie rom-com. Laura Jacqmin is co-writer. Breaking up is the theme for a melancholic film that’s hard to watch without flinching from discomfort. It unsuccessfully mixes situations with comedy and pain, in particular failing to find the right spots for its goofy broad comedy.

The interracial couple of
Lori (Aya Cash) and Doug (William Jackson Harper) are breaking up after married for ten years. Their marriage is memorable for Lori throwing up when he asked her to marry him. They are not communicating well recently and have different future expectations, thereby deciding to split while still feeling some love for each other. Their tough decision comes at the time Lori’s bubbly younger sister Bea (Sarah Bolger) is getting married in a few days to Jason (Tony Cavaleros). The pair agree to attend the wedding and keep their separation a secret from everyone (which is its main plot point).

It’s a shrill film, hitting all the wrong notes for comedy at the wedding reception (as the guests act wacky) and for the couple awkwardly disclosing their pain during their intimate moments.

It’s without much depth and was neither entertaining nor enlightening.

We Broke Up

REVIEWED ON 4/19/2021  GRADE:  C+