(director: Zeb Haradon; cinematographer: Zeb Haradon; editor: Elisa Haradon; music: 3 Leg Torso; cast: Jim, Marge, Joey, Art, John, SallyRuntime: 77; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Elisa Haradon; 2005)

“Fly-on-the-wall documentary by Elisa and Zed Haradon.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

There’s no mistaking the far-fetched conspiracy film Waiting for Nesara with a work of art like Waiting for Godot. This fly-on-the-wall documentary by Elisa and Zed Haradon, letting their subjects do all the talking through interviews and making an appearance on the radio talk show hosted by Sherlock A. Collins, has not been released at this time, though it’s scheduled to play at the 2005 Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival in Switzerland.

Its purpose is to document the thoughts of a wacko fringe group primarily made up of ex-communicated Mormons residing in Salt Lake City who believe, without offering any proof, that a “secret law” called NESARA (freedom of liberty and from war) was secretly passed as one of Clinton’s final acts as president. The group started meeting shortly after 9/11 and the film takes us to just after the start of the war in Iraq. Their organization goes by the name of the Open Mind Forum and meet weekly in the back of a KFC, where a man named Jim (no last names are offered for any of the participants) is in charge. The group believes that President Bush was responsible for the 9/11 attack to prevent the impending enactment of NESARA that calls for such radical changes as abolishing the IRS, forcing the resignation of President Bush, and forgiving all privately held credit card debt. The group is convinced the secret act would expose President Bush as a reptilian alien responsible for 9/11, bring the return of Jesus Christ in a UFO to rule over the newly formed “constitutional” US government, and will distribute billions of dollars in previously hidden wealth to everyone in the group. The group also believes the Iraq war will be Bush’s second destructive act, but that UFOs will intervene to stop him.

This kind of nonsense hardly needs my rebuttal comments. It might appeal to a very limited audience of those who are gullible and not endowed with common sense or smarts. If you don’t take to the subject matter, then it’s very difficult to get involved with the film. It sounds like it might be an entertaining subject for Art Bell’s Coast-to-Coast radio talk show, where callers would test Jim’s reasons for being so convinced he’s the only one who knows the truth. What’s most disturbing is that the group’s nutty views serve only to make the irrational war policies of President Bush look rational in comparison.

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