(director/writer: Bob Logan; screenwriters: Murray Langston/Darrell Vickers/Andrew Nicholls; cinematographer: Mark Melville; editor: Tom Siiter; music: Paul Ventimiglia; cast: Linda Blair (Vicky Adderly), Murray Langston (David), Ruth Buzzi (Marilyn), Johnny Dark (Nick), Bob Zany (Sonny), Jack Hanrahan (Joe), Glen Vincent (Lance), Kevin Benton (Yakov Smirnoff), Melisa Shear (Pauline), Kent Perkins (Detective); Runtime: 90; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Murray Langston; Lions Gate; 1989)

The fluff film looks as bad as it is.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A romantic comedy about street people. Bob Logan(“Repossessed”/”Yard Sale”/”Meatballs 4“) directs and the comedian Murray Langston co-stars and writes the script.

Linda Blair plays Vicky Adderly, a yuppy novice LA reporter who goes undercover in the street as a homeless person to tell their story. While looking to make a name for herself by breaking a big story, she encounters a bunch of colorful street characters such as the chatterbox Sonny (Bob Zany), the femme fatale Marilyn (Ruth Buzzi) and the confused Russian (Kevin Benton). Most fancifully she encounters a cute comical drifter David (Murray Langston, called The Unknown Comic) that leads to romantic moments. Vicky also helps solve a murder involving a serial killer, and thereby gets her big story.

The fluff film looks as bad as it is. But for those who care to see Blair without make-up and without being possessed or raped, this is your chance.

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