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TEN VIOLENT WOMEN (director/writer: Ted V. Mikels; screenwriter: James Gordon White; cinematographer: Yuval Shousterman; editor: Ted V. Mikels; music: Nicholas Carras; cast: Ted V. Mikels (Leo, Jewelry fence), Sherri Vernon (Samantha), Dixie Lauren (Maggie), Georgia Morgan (Bri Terry), Anne Gaybis (Vickie), Jane Farnsworth (Madge); Runtime: 95; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Ted V. Mikels; Cinema Features; 1982)
Incredibly bad sexploitation flick.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Incredibly bad sexploitation flick. Exploitation filmmaker Ted V. Mikels(“The Astro-Zombies“/”The Corpse Grinders“/”Blood Orgy of the She-Devils“) made the gaudy crime comedy for $145,000. The inept women-in-prison script is by James Gordon White.

There are actually eight and not ten lady coal miners who rob a fancy California jewelry story of diamonds. Their sleazy Las Vegas fence (Ted V. Mikels) trades them cocaine for gems. This pic’s only funny scene, has the fence stabbed to death in the chest with the girl leader’s stiletto heels, as the girls are disappointed there’s no money in the deal but grab the greedy fence’s dope while fleeing. Trying to deal the dope in a bar gets two of the girls arrested by undercover narcs. In prison they are bullied by a sadistic butch head guard (Georgia Morgan), but soon escape. The girls then get involved with a sheik, who has a yacht. The sheik had a valuable family scarab stolen during the jewelry heist and invites the girls on-the-run to stay on the boat as belly dancers. All’s well that ends well. As expected, there’s a most unimaginative ending–when the sheik gets back his scarab, the cops drop the murder and theft charges against the girls.

It’s a chore to watch such boring crap, unless this sort of low-mark in filmmaking turns you on.

REVIEWED ON 12/14/2013 GRADE: C-

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