(director/writer: Francis Veber; screenwriter: story by Francis Veber; cinematographer: Claude Agostini; editor: Marie Sophie Dubus; music: Vladimir Cosma; cast: Anny Duperey (Christine Martin), Pierre Richard (François Pignon), Gerard Depardieu (Jean Lucas), Michel Aumont (Paul Martin), Stephane Bierry (Tristan Martin), Roland Blanche (Jeannot); Runtime: 92; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Jean-Claude Bourlat; Kino Video; 1983-France-in French with English titles)

Mildly amusing French farce.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Francis Veber (“The Closet“/”A Pain in the Ass”/”The Valet”)directs this mildly amusing French farce that’s based on his story.

Parisian Christine (Anny Duperey) is a desperate mother eager to locate her runaway teenager son Tristan (Stephane Bierry), who ran away with his girlfriend to Nice. Mom and her hubby Paul (Michel Aumont) locate the girlfriend’s unfriendly father, who runs a seedy hotel but he refuses to be forthcoming. As a last resort Christine tells two of her ex-lovers–tough-guy journalist Jean Lucas (Gerard Depardieu) and the neurotic François Pignon (Pierre Richard)–that each may be the boy’s true father, and gets them to look for her son.The men eventually team up in Nice, not realizing they are after the same boy. There’s also a subplot of Mafia hitmen after the journalist because of a story he wrote about them.

Mostly entertaining when the comedy is slapstick, but the pic deteriorates when the source of comedy turns violent.

Les compères (1983)

REVIEWED ON 7/13/2011 GRADE: B-  https://dennisschwartzreviews.com/