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TALES OF WELLS FARGO (TV episode THE KID) (director: Earl Bellamy; screenwriter: story by Dwight Newton/teleplay by Steve Fisher; cinematographer: Bud Thackery; editor: John Moss; music: Stanley Wilson; cast: Dale Robertson (Jim Hardie), Michael Landon (Tad Cameron), John Pickard (Deputy Sheriff Pierce), Eileen Janssen (Julie Taylor), Monte Blue (Sheriff Lyons), Byron Foulger (George McClure), Syd Salor (Howie Taylor), Norman Levitt (Prosecutor), Howard Wright (Judge); Runtime: 26; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Nat Holt; MCA TV; 1957)
It’s a fine example of a typical western on TV during the late 1950s.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A TV serial of 200 episodes that ran from 1957-1962. Earl Bellamy (“Speedtrap”) helms in B/W the routine 11th episode called The Kid, that was released November 18, 1957. The story is by Dwight Newton and the simplistic teleplay is by Steve Fisher. Wells Fargo man Jim Hardie (Dale Robertson) hired the youngster Tad Cameron (Michael Landon) to ride shotgun for the stage company. The company learns that Tad is accused of murdering a belligerent man, as the Sheriff (Monte Blue) saw him standing over the dead man with his fired pistol. Wells Fargo sends Jim to that western town to investigate. We learn that when confronted by the Sheriff, a frightened Tad fled the scene. When Jim investigates, he gets Tad’s girlfriend Julie (Eileen Janssen) to tell him where Tad is hiding. After finding Tad in an abandoned mining cave and overcoming the hostile pursuing inexperienced deputy (John Pickard), Jim brings the wounded Tad in for a trial the next day and acts as the Kid’s lawyer. Hardie smokes out the real killer during the trial, and justice is served. It’s a fine example of a typical western on TV during the late 1950s.


Dennis Schwartz: “Ozus’ World Movie Reviews”