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SONS OF THE PIONEERS (director: Joseph Kane; screenwriters: Mauri Grashin/Robert T. Shannon/M. Coates Webster; cinematographer: Bud Thackery; editor: Edward Schroeder; music: Cy Feuer; cast: Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers), George ‘Gabby’ Hayes (Gabby Whittaker), Sons of the Pioneers (Musicians/Cowhands), Bob Nolan (Bob Nolan), Pat Brady (Pat), Hugh Farr (Fiddle Player), Maris Wrixon (Louise Harper), Forrest Taylor (Jim Bixby), Minerva Urecal (Ellie Bixby), Bradley Page (Frank Bennett); Runtime: 62; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Joseph Kane; Republic; 1942)
“It satisfies for being what it is, without trying to be more.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Joseph Kane (“Idaho”/”Sunset on the Desert”/”Silver Spurs”) directs and produces this solid B-Western. It’s written by Mauri Grashin, Robert T. Shannon and M. Coates Webster. There’s a good balance of action, comic relief and songs.

When elderly Sheriff Gabby Whittaker (Gabby Hayes) proves incompetent in bringing to justice the night raiders burning down ranches, the new rancher from the East, Louise Harper (Maris Wrixon), calls for a new sheriff. She wants newcomer factory owner Frank Bennett (Bradley Page) to be sheriff, but Gabby prefers native son Roy Rogers. His grandfather founded the town and has a legendary rep as an Indian fighter. Gabby and deputy Pat (Pat Brady) trek to NYC, where Roy is working as an entomologist. Roy takes up Gabby’s offer, and fools the bad guys into thinking he’s too soft for the job by acting timid. He soon discovers there’s valuable mineral deposits on the land in Rogers City, and Bennett is using his goons to drive off the ranchers so he can take over their valuable properties and mine the minerals.

Roy, an ex-Sons of the Pioneer singer, sings again with them in this fast-paced and snappy Western. It satisfies for being what it is, without trying to be more.


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