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SNO-LINE (DEATHLINE) (TEXAS GODFATHER) (director: Douglas F. O’Neons; screenwriter: story and screenplay Robert Hilliard; cinematographer: Gary Thieltges; editor: Beth Conwell; music: Richard Bellis; cast: Vince Edwards (Steve King), June Wilkinson (Audrey), Paul Smith (Duval), Phil Foster (Ralph Salerno), Billy J. Holman (Bedford), Carey Clark (Michael), Gary Lee Love (Eddie), Louis Guss (Gus); Runtime: 89; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Robert Burge; Vestron; 1986)
“A cynical bang-bang crime drama that features no good guys.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Douglas F. O’Neons, in the only feature film he ever directed,helms a cynical bang-bang crime drama that features no good guys. It bombs because it’s poorly executed, murkily covers too many uninteresting subplots and fails to maintain tension. Robert Hilliard bases the screenplay on his story.

Steve King (Vince Edwards) is a crooked New York City big shot, who secretly operates on the side a gambling and cocaine-smuggling ring in Texas. When the New York mob tries to move in on his Texas operation, after backing his drug operation, the ruthless King goes down there and tries to make a big-time cocaine deal with the hulking local drug crime boss Duval (Paul Smith). Redneck gangster Bedford (Billy J. Holman) wants to get in on the action, and he gets involved in a violent gang war with the mob after kidnapping Duval and robbing King’s mafia cocaine deal money.June Wilkinson, the sex-bomb starlet from a host of cheesy 1960s films, appears in her first film after a 25 year hiatus and is miscast as King’s mysterious girlfriend Audrey.It’s a twisty crime drama made to order for those who can be sated to just relate to plot twists, betrayals and double-crosses.It’s the kind of B film meant for a drive-in, where you can follow the action even if taking several scenes off for other distractions.


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