(director/writer: Thomas S. Alderman; screenwriter: Darryl Presnell/story by Larry Alexander//Marc B. Rand; cinematographer: Bob Maxwell; editor: Sonny Klein/Joe Ravetz; music: Phillan Bishop; cast: Deborah Walley (The Victim’s Daughter), Paul Carr (Detective Mark), David G. Cannon (Jeff Ashton), Marvin Kaplan (Mad Man Herman), John Crawford (Doctor Sanders), Ray Dannis (Ted Rogers), Vince Martorano (Bill); Runtime: 89; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Gary Adelman; Video Gems (Media Cinema Guide); 1973)

For those who get off over weird films, this one should be appetizing.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Bizarre exploitation film directed by Thomas S. Alderman(“Coed Dorm”). Larry Alexander supplies the story. It’s cravenly written by Alderman, Darryl Presnell, and Marc B. Rand. The acting was amateurish.

Six cave hobbyist explorers are trapped while exploring an abandoned cave due to falling rocks. Since they can’t get free and after 7 days are starving, they draw lots to see who will donate their arm for dinner. After the loser’s arm (Ray Dannis) is amputated, all are immediately rescued. They tell no one why the arm was removed, fearing a bad public reaction. After the rescue, the meek amputee acts strangely and vows revenge. He’s locked up in a mental hospital. After five years of incarceration, he’s released. Soon his cannibalistic pals start getting killed off one-by-one and each loses an arm in the same way he did at the cave. Who the killer is remains a mystery, as there is a surprise ending.

For those who get off over weird films, this one should be appetizing.