(director: Randall Okita; screenwriters: Adam Yorke/Tommy Gushue; cinematographer: Jordan Oram; editor: James Vandewater; music:Joseph Murray; cast: Skyles Davenport (Sophie, a blind actor), Kim Coates (Rico), Jessica Parker Kennedy (Kelly), Laura Vandervoort (Debra), Emily Piggford (Deputy Brooks), Joe Pingue (Dave), George Tchortov (Otis), Natalie Brown (Sophie’s mom), Drew Tyce (Guide), Pascal Langdale (Ernie), Keaton Kaplan (Cam); Runtime: 92; MPAA Rating: NR; producers; Matt Code, Kristy Neville: IFC Midnight release; 2021-Canada)

A well-executed home invasion thriller that has its not so perfect blind heroine dealing with a thief.

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A well-executed home invasion thriller that has its not so perfect blind heroine dealing with a thief. Director Randall Okita(“The Lockpicker”) shoots it from a clever script by Adam Yorke and Tommy Gushue.

The child prodigy skier, Sophie (Skyler Davenport), has become blind from a skiing accident after showing promises of a brilliant career as a downhill skier. She’s deeply upset there’s almost no more opportunities for her to ski as a pro, which leaves her pissed at the world for her condition, and leaves her with a bitter attitude that takes away much of the sympathy we might normally have for a blind person.

Needing some income, Sophie takes a job cat-sitting for the wealthy Debra (Laura Vandervoort), who resides in a secluded mansion at a hilltop. Though paid little on these jobs, Sophie makes up for it by stealing house items while on the job, and on this job has gone into the wine cellar to take an expensive wine bottle she can sell. The bottle has been identified by her skier friend Cam (Keaton Kaplan), who objects to the theft and splits.

By accident Sophie gets locked out. Thereby she hooks up with her gamer friend, a military person on a forced administrative leave for bad conduct, who can see, Kelly (Jessica Parker Kennedy). She manages to get Sophie back in the house through use of an app, “See for Me”.

That night Sophie is awakened upon hearing strange noises. She calls the police first and then Kelly, and Kelly acts over the phone as the eyes for the damsel in peril.

The story takes many surprising twists, as we see how the thief, Rico (Kim Coates), and the heroine, guided by her iphone contact, prevail in the end of their cat-and mouse struggle.

It played at the TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL 2021.