RAW FORCE(KUNG FU CANNIBALS) (director/writer: Edward Murphy; cinematographer: Frank Johnson; editor: Eric Lindemann ; music: Walter Murphy; cast: Cameron Mitchell (Capt. Harry Dodds), Camille Keaton (Girl In Toilet), Jillian Kesner (Cookie Winchell), Vic Diaz (Monk), Jennifer Holmes (Ann Davis), Jewel Shepard (Drunk Sexpot), Geoffrey Binney (Mike O’Malley), Hope Holiday (Hazel Buck), John Locke (Gary Schwartz), Ralph Lombardi (Thomas Speer), John Dresden (John Taylor); Runtime: 86; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Frank Johnson; Media; 1982-USA/Philippines)

It deservedly received little recognition.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

An undisciplined campy grindhouse horror comedy poorly directed and written by Edward Murphy (“Heated Vengeance“). The weird pic defies making any sense, and it deservedly received little recognition. To cheese this dud up, there’s mounds of gratuitous nudity, relentless sex and excessive violence and, of course, drugs, a piranha attack, a Filipino Hitler impersonator, zombie martial arts masters, hippie smugglers, decapitations, sinister monks, cannibalism and white slavery.

Vacationers from a karate-club in Burbank travel to the Philippines for fun and games. When they end up on Warrior Island, where unsavory martial arts fighters go to die and their corpses are revived and made zombies by sinister monks and cannibalizing women feed off women tourists, their misadventures begin.

The cruise-ship captain for the karate club is Captain Harry Dodds (Cameron Mitchell), who might be the only one who knows how to act in this film. But his career is now reduced to making such trashy films and going on drinking binges.

Geoff Binney, John Locke and John Dresden are the three American martial-arts vacationers stuck on Warrior Island.

It’s lively, gross, insane and worthless crud, making no pretense to be something more than an exploitation movie.

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