P.T. 109

P.T. 109

(director: Leslie H. Martinson; screenwriter: book by Robert J. Donovan/Richard L. Breen/Howard Sheehan/Vincent X. Flaherty; cinematographer: Robert L. Surtees; editor: Folmar Blangsted ; music: David Buttolph/William Lava; cast: Cliff Robertson (Lt. John F. Kennedy), Ty Hardin (Ens. Leonard J. Thom), James Gregory (Cmdr. C.R. Ritchie), Robert Culp (Ens. George ‘Barney’ Ross), Grant Williams (Lt., Alvin Cluster), Lew Gallo (Yeoman Rogers), Errol John (Benjamin Kevu), Michael Pate (Lt. Reginald Evans), Robert Blake (Charles ‘Bucky’ Harris), William Douglas (Gerald Zinser), Biff Elliot (Edgar E. Mauer), Norman Fell (Edmund Drewitch), Sam Gilman (Raymond Starkey), Clyde Howdy (Leon Drawdy), Buzz Martin (Maurice Kowal); Runtime: 139; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Bryan Foy/Jack Warner; Warner Home Video; 1963)

“It probably works best for fans of the popular President.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

The first Hollywood drama ever made about a currently-serving President. Director Leslie H. Martinson (“Cruise Missile”/”Batman: The Movie”/”Fathom”) keeps the biopic glowing for the prez, overlong and routine,

It’s based on the book PT 109: John F. Kennedy in WWII by Robert J. Donovan, that’s been inadequately adapted to the screen by writers Richard L. Breen, Howard Sheehan and Vincent X. Flaherty. It tells of the adventures of Lt. John F. Kennedy in the South Pacific during World War II, when he was a young PT boat commander. The action scenes are dull. It probably works best for supporters of the popular President. Cliff Robertson makes for a credible young and vigorous President, and keeps things watchable.

REVIEWED ON 5/30/2016 GRADE: C+    https://dennisschwartzreviews.com/