The 'Maggie' (1954)


(director: Alexander Mackendrick; screenwriters: William Rose/story by Alexander Mackendrick; cinematographer: Gordon Dines; editor: Peter Tanner; music: John Addison; cast: Paul Douglas (the American / Marshall ), Tommy Kearins (the Wee Boy), James Copeland (the Mate), Alex MacKenzie (the skipper/Captain Mactaggart), Abe Barker (the crew of the ‘Maggie’: the Engineer), Geoffrey Keen (Campbell), Dorothy Alison (Miss Peters); Runtime: 92; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Micheal Truman; Ealing Studios; 1954-UK)

The Ealing comedy is gentle sailing.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Alexander Mackendrick(“The Man in the White Suit”/”Sweet Smell of Success”/”The Ladykillers”) directs and William Rose writes the screenplay for Mackendrick‘s engaging but less than stellar Brit comedy about a small cargo steamer on the Clyde called The Maggie.

To save expenses, the wealthy American businessman (Paul Douglas) arranges with the wily skipper of the quaint but lowly Maggie (Alex Mackenzie) to transport his house furniture to a new faraway residence. The comedy revolves around the American trying to weasel out of his deal when he thinks he got suckered into it, and he tries to get his cargo onto a larger and more efficient ship.

The Ealing comedy is gentle sailing, but is only a minor film.


REVIEWED ON 10/17/2015 GRADE: B-