(director/writer: Elijah Bynum; cinematographer: Adam Arkapaw; editor: Jon Otazua; music: Jason Hill; cast: Jonathan Majors (Killian Maddox),  Haley Bennett (Jessie, cashier), Taylour Paige (Pink Coat), Mike O’Hearn (Brad Vanderhorn), Harrison Page (William Lattimore, grandfather), Harri, the cashier the place where works;et Sansom Harris (); Runtime: 124; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Jennifer Fox/Dan Gilroy/Jeffrey Soros/Simon Horsman; Tall Street Productions; 2023)

“It stands out because of the star performance of Jonathan Majors.

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

An unsettling story about an unstable bodybuilder. It was filmed in 24 days, and directed and written by indie filmmaker Elijah Bynum (“Hot Summer Nights”). It deals with mental health issues.

 It stands out because of the star performance of Jonathan Majors as the amateur Black bodybuilder Killian Maddox, who seeks fame and suffers from bouts of violence due to rage over his failures.

His idol is the famed bodybuilder Brad Vanderhorn (Michael O’Hearn), as Killian yearns to be on ‘zine covers like his idol.

Killian takes care of his ailing grandfather (Harrison Page); has a romantic interest in Jessie (Haley Bennett) and spends most of his time working out. Steroids have left him with tumors on his liver.

There’s always a tension and a sense of desperation Killian must live with, as what will happen to him concerns us.

It played at the Sundance Film Festival.

Jonathan Majors