(director: Tanel Toom; screenwriter: Malachi Smyth; cinematographer: Mart Ratasepp; editor: Tambet Tasuja; cast: Kate Bosworth (Cassidy), Thomas Kretschmann (Hendriches), Lucien Laviscount (Sullivan), Martin McCann (Baines); Runtime: 117; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Jorg Bundschuh/Pippa Cross/Ivo Felt/Ben Pullen/Matthew James Wilkinson; Vertical Entertainment; 2023-in English-UK)

“Exasperating and bleak science fiction futuristic thriller.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Estonian director
Tanel Toom (“Truth and Justice”) and his regular writer Malachi Smyth present this exasperating and bleak science fiction futuristic thriller about a squad of four soldiers (Kate Bosworth-the even-keeled corporal, Thomas Kretschmann-the dedicated sergeant leader, Lucien Laviscount-the radio man who has a sexual relationship with the corporal, Martin McCann-the flighty but efficient engineer). They live in a metal box and are stranded on an abandoned military base, in 2063, somewhere on Earth, surrounded by an endless ocean (caused by climate change) and are thousands of miles from home, as they are waiting for relief or the enemy, whichever comes first.

They are the last sentinels defending their homeland from an invasion by an enemy they have never seen, standing guard for signs of attack and prepared to sacrifice themselves if necessary. Their tour of duty–a two-year stint that ended three months ago, but there’s no relief is in sight.

Uncertain of their fate, the crew’s tension rises when they spot in their sights a mysterious boat and ask themselves if it’s friend or foe.

It’s a slow-moving B-film that offers a unique visual look, good natural performances by the Brit cast and its post-apocalyptic survival story hits the right notes as it morphs into a dystopian pic about vexing doomsday relationships.