(director: D. Smith; cinematographer: D. Smith; editor: D. Smith; cast: Daniella Carter, Liyah Mitchell, Dominique Silver, Koko Da Doll; Runtime: 73; MPAA Rating: R; producers: D. Smith, Harris Doran, Bill Butler; Magnolia Pictures; 2023-in B/W)

“Brutally candid sex-talk film.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

The Black transgender director D. Smith, a singer, shoots a stylish, brash and brutally candid sex-talk film for all types of viewers. It’s filled with funny anecdotes, thought-provoking moments, vulgarities and unfiltered entertainment. It also raises questions about finding peace in one’s existence no matter how unlikely that might seem for someone like a trans sex worker.

It’s shot gloriously in B/W, on a handheld camera. The low-budget documentary has the director interview four articulate and feisty Black trans sex workers–Daniella Carter, Liyah Mitchell,  Dominique Silver, Koko Da Doll. The trans sex workers are dressed-up as pretty women (thanks to medical facial procedures) and are sporting curvy-asses with their big dicks. They reside in New York City and Atlanta, and usually have clients who are gay or leading a double sexual life.

The trans sex workers talk of the dangers they face and abuse they’re subject to, as well as what led them to be prostitutes.

This alluring film humanizes the vulnerable trans and gives the viewer a chance to meet the
m on their home fields.

REVIEWED ON 1/14/2024  GRADE: B+