(director/writer: Tom DeNucci; screenwriter: Nick Principe; cinematographer: Glenn Ciano; editor: Katerina Valenti; music: Jason Soudah; cast: Avan Jogia (Johnny), Ajani Russell (Clyde), Megan Fox (Alana Hart), Tyson Ritter (Guy), Vanessa Angel (Susan), Robert LaSardo (Candlestick), Nick Principe (Butcher), Charles W. Harris III (The Baker), Bai Ling (Zhang); Runtime: 100; MPAA Rating: NR; producers: Paul Luba/Nick Koskoff/Michelle Verdi/Chad A. Verdi Jr.; Screen Media Films; 2023)

“A turn off.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

The Tom DeNucci (“Vault”/”My Father Muhammad Ali”) directed low-budget crime drama is co-written by him with Nick Principe. It neglects to come up with decent storytelling.

Johnny (Avan Jogia) and Clyde (Ajani Russell) are unrepentant drifter serial killer lovers on a crime spree with no end in sight. The psychopaths plan to return to their home state of Rhode Island to rob a casino owned by the crime boss Alana Hart (Megan Fox).

The reporter (Vanessa Angel) confronts Alana if the rumors are true about her employing an undead demon to guard the place. Alana’s first response is to try to bribe the reporter not to run the story.

The pair of sickos rob one of Alana’s mostly empty armored trucks, and learn of a secret vault where Alana keeps her substantial amount of cash. To rob the vault they hire the following morally challenged characters: the suicidal muscleman Butcher (Nick Principe), the psychopathic killer Candlestick (Robert LaSardo), and an explosives expert called the Baker (Charles W. Harris III).

Following the deplorable henchmen in action for such a longtime was a turn off.

It’s a Bonnie & Clyde wannabe that never reaches such heights.