Impostors (1979)


(director/writer/producer/editor: Mark Rappaport; cinematographer: Fred Murphy; editor: Meri Weingarten; cast: Charles Ludlam (Chuckie), Michael Burg (Mikey), Ellen McElduff (Tina), Lina Todd (Gina), Peter Evans (Peter), Randy Danson (Stephanie); Runtime: 110; MPAA Rating: NR; Planet Pictures; 1980)

“A weird comedy.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Director Mark Rappaport presents a low-budget indie that somehow connects scams, murder, lesbianism and vaudeville.

It’s a weird comedy about possible murders involving two eccentric nightclub magicians who are also twins–the gay Chuckie (Ludlam) and the heterosexual Mikey (Burg). They are strangely funny, in an asinine plot involving their lesbian assistant Tina (Ellen McElduff) and a stage door Johnny named Peter (Peter Evans). It all takes place in NYC’s SoHo district.

Not as good as other Rappaports, as the film dragged at times, but still verbally good enough to slash away at American taboos and icons. It is chock full of one-liners such as, “They don’t know spit from Spinoza.”