(director: Jack Bernhard; screenwriter: Steve Fisher; cinematographer: Harry Neumann; editor: Richard Heermance; music: Edward J Kay; cast: Preston Foster (Johnny Saxon), Belita (Laura Mead), Pierre Watkin (Simon Rand, Attorney), Edna Holland (Miss Turner), Russell Hicks (Dan Meredith Chief of Detectives), Frank Ferguson (Paul Harrison), Cathy Carter (Sally Winters), Larry Blake (Hollis Smith), Joseph Crehan (Police Captain), Charles McGraw (Detective), Tristram Coffin (Detective), Guy Beach (Silas); Runtime: 88; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Scott R. Dunlap; Allied Artists (Monogram); 1948)

B-film crime story ably directed by Jack Bernhard.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

B-film crime story ably directed by Jack Bernhard(“Decoy”/”Blonde Ice”/”Violence”). Screenwriter Steve Fisher flavors it with noir features.

Johnny Saxon (Preston Foster) is a detective who sent to prison his girlfriend Laura Mead (Belita) for committing a jewelry robbery. The newly released parolee Laura claimed at the time she was framed. Somehow she returns to Johnny after her release and plays with him emotionally, knowing how much he desires her. Johnny is aware she once threatened to kill both him and her lawyer Simon Rand (Pierre Watkin) but he can’t stay away from her, and is not sure whether to believe her claims of innocence. Though her attorney believes she’s guilty.

In any case, Johnny gets Laura a gig in an ice-skating show. Soon Rand is killed and the leading suspect is Laura.

It leads to a sappy and unbelievable happy ending. as we learn about the robbery in bits and pieces.