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GUNMEN FROM LAREDO (aka: CHISERA) (director/writer: Wallace MacDonald; screenwriter: Clarke Reynolds; cinematographer: Irv Lippman; editor: Al Clark; cast: Robert Knapp (Gil Reardon), Jana Davi (Rosita), Walter Coy (Ben Keefer), Paul Birch (Marshal Matt Crawford), Don C. Harvey (Deputy Dave), Martin Garralaga (Fierro), Jerry Barclay (Jordan Keefer), Ron Hayes (Walt Keefer), Bob Cason (Bob Sutton), Harry Antrim (Judge Parker), Charles Horvath (Coloradas), X Brands (Delgados), Jean Moorhead (Katy Reardon); Runtime: 75; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Wallace MacDonald; Columbia; 1959)
Doesn’t even make the grade as a cheap B-film.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Doesn’t even make the grade as a cheap B-film. The flatly directed Western revenge film by Wallace MacDonald(“Girl from the West”) and written by Clarke Reynolds couldn’t be phonier or more stilted, even the fights look sluggish.

Gil Reardon (Robert Knapp), his wife Katy (Jean Moorhead, Playboy‘s Playmate Of The Month, October 1955) and foreman Fierro (Martin Garralaga) cross the Rio Grande from Mexico with their cattle they plan to sell in San Antonio, but are jumped at the Laredo Pass by Laredo saloonkeeper Ben Keefer (Walter Coy) and his brothers (Jerry Barclay & Ron Hayes). Ben has been gunning for Gil over an earlier incident in Dodge City, where Gil killed in self-defense a man working for Ben. The gang kill the wife and foreman and steal the cattle, but Gil survives. When he recovers, he comes to Laredo looking for Ben. But one of Ben’s henchman (Bob Cason) gets gunned down when he draws on Gil. In a railroaded trial, a circuit judge (Harry Antrim) sentences Gil to a long stretch in a New Mexico Territory prison. But after a few months Gil escapes, and frees a kidnapped Apache-raised girl Rosita (Jana Davi, 1955’s Miss Ceylon), who was tied to a tree by another tribe’s warrior (X Brands) who wants her as his squaw. After dispatching the attacking Indian, Gil crosses the Indian desert, Chisera, despite a dust storm, with the help of Rosita.

In the climax, Gil gets into a showdown with the brothers. When the dust clears, the new marshal (Paul Birch), convinced Gil was framed, lets Rosita and Gil flee to Mexico and plans on telling the prison authorities the fugitive escaped from his jurisdiction.


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