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EVIL ALIENS (director/writer: Jake West; cinematographer: Jim Solan; editor: Jake West; music: Richard Wells; cast: Emily Booth (Michelle Fox), Samuel Butler (Ricky Anderson), Jennifer Evans (Cat), Jamie Honeybourne (Gavin Gorman), Peter McNeil O’Connor (Jack Campbell), Jodie Shaw (Candy Vixen), Nick Smithers (Bruce Barton), Norman Lovett (Howard Marsden), Chris Adamson (Llyr Williams/Alien surgeon), Mark Richard Hayes (Dai Williams), Chris Thomas (Thomas Williams), Dan Palmer (UFO witness), Scott Joseph ( Principal Alien); Runtime: 89; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Tim Dennison; Image Entertainment; 2005-UK)

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Dreck! Sci-fi at its most juvenile and witless. Director/writer/editor Jake West(“Doghouse”/”Razor Blade Smile”/”The ABCs of Death”) tells in his own gory way a sicko tale of evilE.T. invaders meeting in a remote Welsh farm field a group of crass humans, who duke it out for survival of the fittest.Since there’s nothing to care about or take seriously, it’s done for the comedy and since that sucks big time, I soon lost interest.

Sexpot Michelle Fox (Emily Booth) is a fox who is hostess for a Brit tabloid show called Weird World, only pretending to believe the strange occult stories she presents only for entertainment purposes, but whose TV ratings are low and the TV boss (Norman Lovett) threatens cancellation unless there’s an improvement. They meet and agree to try for a sensational story to raise the ratings. Fox chooses to investigate an alien abduction and rape, as a Welsh farm girl, Cat Williams (Jennifer Evans) and her boyfriend were attacked by aliens while fucking in a field one night. Cat was impregnated and the poor boyfriend was brutally killed in front of her. When the local police don’t buy the story, Cat writes the exploitative “Weird World.” That letter is good enough for Cat to put her story on the air, and she gathers together a crew to go to the remote Welsh island to film the strange tale–even to fake it, if need be. Her cameraman is her macho stud lover Ricky (Sam Butler), the sound guy is stoner Jack Campbell (Peter McNeil O’Connor), the true believer amateur UFO expert is the obese nerd Gavin Gorman (Jamie Honeybourne) and the two actors who will fake an alien rape to be filmed are the boss’s stripper girlfriend Candy (Jodie Shaw) and the second-rate gay actor Bruce (Nick Smithers).

The TV group arrives at Cat’s rundown farmhouse in their mini-van late at night. They can only enter the farm by taking the scary Devil’s Backbone road, which is only usable at low tide. Once there they find things creepy, as Cat’s three animal-like farm-herder brothers (Chris Adamson/Chris Thomas/Mark Richard Hayes) don’t speak English or Welsh and give the visitors a fright by playfully going violent on them. Also oddly creepy is that Cat’s in an advanced stage of pregnancy even though she was raped just a few days ago. In the morning the TV crew discover a stone circle and in the wheat field a crop circle, but they still don’t believe the UFO sighting by Cat is on the level and thereby re-enact the alien rape in the wheat field. But they soon encounter the real aliens, returning by spaceship to check-out the pregnancy, and when discovering the TV crew the hostile aliens get into a frenzied bloodbath fight to the end with the humans.

The low-budget Z film is trash, but the filmmaker at least proves his competency with decent special effects and visuals. Believe it or not, there’s an audience out there that gets off on such undemanding bad films and especially if they have as many boob shots as this flick, and they are the film’s target audience.


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