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ELLIE (director: Peter Wittman; screenwriter: Glen Allen Smith; cinematographer: George Tirl; editor: John Davis; music: Bob Pickering; cast: Shelley Winters (Cora), Sheila Kennedy (Ellie Mae), Edward Albert (Tom), George Gobel (Preacher), Pat Paulsen (Sheriff Pete), Ouida White (Beatrice), Tom Matts (Sidney Jackson), Patrick Tovatt (Art), James Gaspard (Billy), Robert Keith (Frank), Frank H. Miller (Wally); Runtime: 90; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Francine Rudine; Vestron (Troma Entertainment); 1984)
This pic isn’t bad, it’s awful.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Trashy dramedy directed by Peter Wittman(“Play Dead”) and written by Glen Allen Smith. I guess this soft-core sex flick is supposed to be a black comedy, but really was made to show the titular star prance around in her undies.

It’s set in the rural south.

The voluptuous Ellie Mae (Sheila Kennedy, Penthouse pet of the year) suspects her overdressed with finery stepmother Cora (Shelley Winters) and her three pervert stepbrothers (Edward Albert, James Gaspard and Robert Keith) killed her wheelchair-bound father and vows revenge. It seems Cora and the boys regularly knock off Cora’s husbands for their money, only this time the family must deal with someone prepared to avenge the victim’s death by using her body as a way to get even with them.

George Gobel is the preacher. Pat Paulsen is the sheriff. Tom Matts plays the brother and lover of Winters.

This pic isn’t bad, it’s awful.


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