(director/writer: Sebastian Gutierrez; cinematographer: Cale Finot; editor: Matt Mayer; music: Faris Badwan/Rachel Zaffira; cast: Ciaran Hinds (Henry), Abbey Lee (Elizabeth), Carla Gugino (Claire), Matthew Beard (Oliver), Dylan Baker (Detective Logan); Runtime: 105; MPAA Rating: R; producers: Sebastian Gutierrez/Fred Berger/Leon Clarance/Brian Kavanaugh-Jones/Sebastian Gutierrez; IFC Films; 2018)

“A Murky Narrative”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

In the human cloning sci-fi film by Sebastian Gutierrez (“Girl Walks Into A Bar”/”She Creature”), a take off on the Bluebeard motif, the wealthy and brainy scientist Henry (Ciaran Hinds) brings his gorgeous and much younger wife Elizabeth (Abbey Lee, supermodel) home to his luxurious high-tech country estate after the wedding. He tells her she can go everywhere in the house but for one locked room. Naturally she will not listen, and when inside the forbidden room terrible things happen. The film also at that time experiences a downturn.

In this foreboding atmosphere are two servants (Matthew Beard & Carla Gugino), an inquisitive detective (Dylan Baker) and a murky narrative that might be about gender politics. The real killer in this visually pleasing film is the complex but poor script, that can’t make its mystery story suspenseful or interesting or understandable.

Elizabeth Harvest (2018)

REVIEWED ON 7/3/2019       GRADE: B