Sally Kirkland, Andrew Stevens, Anthony Franciosa, Richard Lynch, Sherrie Rose, and Chick Vennera in Double Threat (1992)


(director/writer: David A. Prior; cinematographer: Gerald B. Wolfe; editor: Tony Malanowski ; music: Christopher Farrell; cast: Gary Swanson(Coleman), Sally Kirkland (Monica Martel), Andrew Stevens (Eric Cline), Sherrie Rose (Lisa Shane), Richard Lynch (Detective Robert Fenich), Anthony Franciosa (Crocker Scott), Chick Vennera (Stephen Ross), Ted Prior (Thug #1); Runtime: 96; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Kimberly Casey; AIP (Home Video); 1993)

It ends on an anticlimactic note.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

An erotic thriller that’s set in Hollywood but filmed in Mobile, Alabama. It’s directed and written by David A. Prior(“Night Trap”/”Felony”/”Mutant Species”). The film’s highlight is Sally masturbating while leading man Andrew Stevens pumps iron. It comes in either the R edition or in the steamier unrated.

Monica Martel (Sally Kirkland) is an aging movie star trying for a comeback in an erotic thriller. When her leading man and boy-toy Eric Cline (Andrew Stevens) has sex with her body double Lisa Shane (Sherrie Rose), who was hired because Monica refuses to go nude since she never has before, Monica violently flips out from jealousy. Later Lisa is killed by a car bomb.

The film goes into the tank when ponderously explaining in its finale the murky plot twists and tacking on tiresome flashbacks. It ends on an anticlimactic note.

Richard Lynch effectively plays Detective Robert Fenich.

Besides hot sex scenes there’s a diverting disco one.

This is another of executive producer David Winters and Prior‘s below par direct-to-video B films.