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DOLEMITE (director: D’Urville Martin; screenwriters: Jerry Jones/R.R. Moore; cinematographer: Nicholas Von Sternberg; editor: Rex Lipton; music: Arthur Wright; cast: R.R. Moore (Dolemite), Jerry Jones (Blakeley, FBI agent), D’Urville Martin (Willie Green), Lady Reed (Queen Bee), West Gale (Reverend Gibbs), John Kerry (Mitchell), Vainus Rackstraw) (Creeper); Runtime: 85; MPAA Rating: R; producers: T. Toney/R.R. Moore; Dimension Pictures (DVD-Xenon Pictures); 1975)
Black action picture ineptly directed.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Black action picture ineptly directed in an amateurish way by D’Urville Martin(“Disco 9000”). All characters are stereotyped, with the blacks as pimps and whites as crackers, The blaxploitation pic copies other such films and offers no fresh material. Writers Jerry Jones and R.R. Moore (who plays Dolemite, try desperately to make it a funny black gangsta satire, but get only a few chuckles and lots of groans. After serving two years of a twenty year sentence in an LA prison for possession of drugs and furs, the warden releases Dolemite (R.R. Moore) in a scheme to catch his rival pimp, Willie Green (D’Urville Martin), who set him up for the arrest with corrupt white cops. Dolemite returns to his old haunts, but fellow pimp, Queen Bee (Lady Reed), who ran his nightclub, tells him his club is now owned by his rival Willie Green. The bad-ass rap rhyme-master, Dolemite, seeks revenge and uses his lethal karate female club dancers to help him get revenge.


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