(director/writer: Steve Cohen; screenwriters: from the story by Richard Brandes & Kurt Anderson/Robert McCall/Kelly Carlin-McCall/Michael Michaud; cinematographer: Joseph Montgomery; editor: Michael Thibault; music: Michael Burns/Steve Gurevitch; cast: Rose McGowan (Debbie Strand), Alex McArthur (Peter), Sherrie Rose (Marilyn), Peg Shirley (Fiona), Phil Morris (Det. Joe Rosales), Robert Silver (Det. Phil Archer), Krissy Carlson (Meegan), Wendy Robie (Joyce Saunders); Runtime: 95; MPAA Rating: R; producers: Kurt Anderson/Richard Brandes; Ardustry Home Entertainment; 1998)

“It never overcomes its baseness.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Steve Cohen directs and co-writes this campy exploitation drama based on the story by Richard Brandes and Kurt Anderson. It is co-written with Robert McCall and Kelly Carlin-McCall, daughter of comedian George Carlin.

Troubled teenager Debbie Strand (Rose McGowan, the girlfriend of rocker Marilyn Manson) is sent to live with her bossy grandmother (Peg Shirley) after the death of her parents. When Debbie can’t take her controlling granny anymore, she beats her to death with her cane. In her creative writing class the high school student becomes obsessed with her macho teacher (Alex McArthur), who is only interested in looking down at Debbie’s cleavage and fighting off his lust with his high moral standards. The teach’s steady is a gorgeous airline hostess (Sherrie Rose) whom he has a mild spat with over a misunderstanding induced by Debbie, giving her a chance to go after the confused teacher–he just loves all the attention the teen gives him. But when the teach rejects Debbie, a trail of dead bodies start showing up all leading to the deranged brunette teenager.

It’s a mindless flick, but in all fairness could be entertaining for those willing to get with its low-brow humor. It’s fast paced and loaded with double entendres and risqué violence. It never overcomes its baseness and never moves into the same major league caliber with the similar themed Freeway.