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DEAD IS DEAD (video) (director/writer: Mike Stanley; cinematographer: Eddie Lambert; editor: Mike Stanley; music: Rob Binge; cast: Mike Stanley (Eric Shepherd), Rob Binge (Tony), Connie Cocquyt (Laura), Dave Hildwein (Doug Hamil); Runtime: 80; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Mike Stanley; Tempe Video; 1992)
“An unwatchable film.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

The auteur made no-budget film by indie filmmaker Mike Stanley(“The Arrival”) was shot on tape in his home state of Michigan; a few shots were taken in NYC. The horror pic is dreadful. It makes no sense. The acting is bad. The dialogue is pitiful. It results in an unwatchable film.

Eric (Mike Stanley) is a coke addict with a bad haircut and a beard. He leaves Michigan for Manhattan when given a life-restoring drug (Doxitol) by a former nurse named Laura (Connie Cocquyt), who smuggled the drug out of the institution she worked for before it burned down and killed Eric’s institutionalized brother. Eric attempts to sell the drugs to the sleazy nerd Tony (Rob Binge), so the dealer will erase his debts. But Tony instead opts to steal the drugs and try to kill Eric, apparently not convinced the drugs work. When Tony finds out that he can’t kill Eric, he’s forced to tell him where the stolen drugs might be hidden and where Tony’s big boss Doug (Dave Hildwein) is located. Eric goes on a vengeance trip to the Big Apple to confront Doug. What follows doesn’t make sense. It’s a film that veers from being repulsive to inconsequential.Its most memorable line is “You look like a penis with the dry heaves.”


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