(director/writer: Michael Angelo Covino; screenwriter: Kyle Marvin; cinematographer: Zach Kuperstein; editor: Sara Shaw; music: Jon Natchez, Martin Mabz; cast: Judith Godreche (Ava), Gayle Rankin (Marissa), Kyle Marvin  (Kyle), Michael Angelo Covino (Mike), Talia Balsam (Suzi), George Wendt (Jim), Daniella Covino (Dani), Eden Malyn (Bianca); Runtime: 98; MPAA Rating: R; producers: Noah Lang/Michael Angelo Covino/Kyle Marvin; A Sony Classics release; 2019)

The only thing I found unintentionally funny is Covino’s heartfelt observations.

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A bromance that should have remained the short it started out to be. Making it longer didn’t make it better. It’s directed by first-timer Michael Angelo Covino, and is co-written by stars Covino and Kyle Marvin, two real-time friends. The buddy comedy provides a few strained chuckles over immature male friends bonding, but it is mostly exhausting. It follows old pals going through thick and thin of it from childhood into middle-age by passing together through the important things in their life such as their break-ups, bachelor parties and holiday gatherings. In one such incident, the twosome go on a bike holiday to France, with the athletic Mike and the dorky musician Kyle coming closer together during the trip. But when Mike confesses to banging Kyle’s fiancée, Ava (Judith Godrèche), their friendship and the engagement ends.

Years later they resolve their broken friendship, as Mike married Ava and she recently died making him a widow. Facing rough times, the warmhearted Kyle consoles Mike. He also introduces Mike to his
new fiancée, Marissa (Gayle Rankin). There are seven such corny episodes involving matters of discretion, with titles like “Stop It”.

You couldn’t get me to sit through such nonsense again even if you had the best intentions in the world to show me what I was missing. The only thing I found unintentionally funny is Covino’s heartfelt observations.

covino and marvin

REVIEWED ON 1/13/2021  GRADE:  C+