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BREAKOUT (director: Tom Gries; screenwriters: Howard Kreitsek/Marc Norman/Elliott Baker/based on the book events. The uninspired script by Howard Kreitsek, Marc Norman and Elliott Baker/based on the book “10 Second Jailbreak,” by Warren Hinckle, William Turner & Eliot Asinof; cinematographer: Lucien Ballard; editor: Bud S. Isaacs; music: Jerry Goldsmith; cast: Charles Bronson (Nick Colton), Randy Quaid (Hawk), Robert Duvall (Jay Wagner), Jill Ireland (Anna Wagner), John Huston (Harris Wagner),Alejandro Rey (Sanchez), Jotge Moreno (Sosa), Emilio Fernande (Mexican Prison Warden),Alan Vint (Harve), Paul Mantee (Cable), Roy Jense (Spencer), Sheree North (Myrna); Runtime: 96; MPAA Rating: PG; producer: Irwin Winkler/Robert Chartoff; Columbia; 1975)
Incoherent prison escape film.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Tom Gries (“Will Penny”/”The Glass House”) helms this incoherent prison escape film, that strangely enough is based on true events. The uninspired script by Howard Kreitsek, Marc Norman and Elliott Baker is taken from the book “10 Second Jailbreak” by Warren Hinckle, William Turner & Eliot Asinof. It has American businessman Jay Wagner (Robert Duvall) framed for murder by his evil wealthy grandfather Harris Wagner (John Huston) because he is causing trouble with a menacing CIA operative (Paul Mantee) that threatens the family business. Sentenced to 28 years in a Mexican jail, his wife Ann (Jill Ireland, real life wife of Bronson), hires Texas border city bush pilot Nick Colton (Charles Bronson), a devil-may-care adventurer, and his partner Hawk (Randy Quaid), for $50,000 to airlift her hubby by helicopter from the Mexican prison in a daring daylight escape. It never escapes the fate of a cheap ripoff thriller. Though supporting actress Sheree North is worth looking at for her energetic performance, however the other talented cast members just mail this one in.


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