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BOSS OF BULLION CITY (PARADISE VALLEY) (director: Ray Taylor; screenwriters: Victor McLeod, Arthur St. Claire/story by Arthur St. Claire; cinematographer: William Sickner; editor: Paul Landres; cast: Maria Montez (Linda Calhoun), Earle Hodgins (Mike Calhoun), Johnny Mack Brown (Tom Bryant), Fuzzy Knight (Burt Pennypacker), Nell O’Day (Martha Hadley), Harry Woods (Sheriff Jeff Salters), Dick Alexander (Deputy Steve Hogan), Melvin Lang (Deputy Fred Wallace); Runtime: 61; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Wes Cowan; Universal Pictures; 1940)
“Routine B-Western.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Ray Taylor(“Outlaw Country”/”Black Hills”/”Gang Busters“) directs this routine B-Western. The story is by Arthur St. Claire. Cult favorite actress Maria Montez has only a small part.

Tom Bryant (Johnny Mack Brown) and Burt Pennycracker (Fuzzy Knight ) are bushwhacked on their way to Bullion City to open a newspaper business. Tom captures one of the bandits, but the other flees. In Bullion City, Tom turns the bandit over to the sheriff (Harry Woods).The bandit happens to be the sheriff’s deputy, Steve Hogan (Dick Alexander). Though arrested, he soon escapes with the sheriff’s help. While in the local saloon, Tom is attacked by a group of thugs. They also turn out to be the sheriff’s deputies.

The evil sheriff leads the search posse and when he finds Steve, he kills him before he can talk.

Honest deputy Fred Wallace (Melvin Lang) complains to Tom about the rise in robberies, especially when he’s not around. Tom investigates the corruption in town and uses his newspaper to demand law and order.When businessman Mike Calhoun (Earle Hodgins), carrying a lot of money, arrives in town with his daughter Linda (Maria Montez), Tom and Deputy Fred realize the sheriff plans to rob him and they set a successful trap for him that restores law and order to town.


Dennis Schwartz: “Ozus’ World Movie Reviews”