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BLACK LASH, THE (director: Ron Ormond; screenwriters: Timothy Ormond/June Carr/Kathy McKeel; cinematographer: Ernest Miller; editor: Hugh Winn; music: Walter Greene; cast: Lash LaRue (U.S. Marshal Lash LaRue ), Al St. John (Fuzzy Q. Jones), Peggy Stewart (Joan Delysa ), Ray Bennett (‘Deuce’ Rago), John Carson (Cord), Kermit Maynard (Lem Woodruff), Larry Barton (Judge), Roy Butler (Mayor Redfield), Clarke Stevens (Johnson, mine foreman), Byron Keith (Bill Leonard), Jim Bannon (Brant); Runtime: 55; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: Ron Ormond; Grapevine Video; 1952)

It should appeal to the fans of the star, Lash LaRue.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

The Black Lash is a low-budget b/w sequel, filled with stock footage, to Frontier Revenge (1948). Director Ron Ormond (“Frontier Woman”/”White Lightnin’ Road”/”39 Stripes”)fights through the shoddy production values of this routine B Western and adheres to the unexciting formulaic way of presenting this familiar narrative. Though it provides a good example of the way they used to make the more simple-minded Westerns back in the 1950s, it unfortunately looks like a TV program of the time and is unimaginatively written byTimothy Ormond, June Carr and Kathy McKeel. But, in any case, it should appeal to the fans of the star, Lash LaRue, and to Al St. John, his scruffy character actor sidekick, around for comic relief.

After Marshal Lash LaRue (Lash LaRue), known for using the whip and dressing in black, arrested dangerous stagecoach robber ‘Deuce’ Rago (Ray Bennett), in the Frontier Revenge, he finds out that in this movie the crooked judge (Larry Barton) only gave him a six month sentence and his outlaw gang is again operating in an Arizona silver mining town with impunity. LaRue goes undercover with bearded partner Fuzzy Q. Jones (Al St. John) and joins the gang when Rago’s legit frontman partner, the lawyer Bill Leonard (Byron Keith), unwittingly hires him as a gunslinger looking to add firepower to the gang. LaRue then diverts a hold-up of the Silver Queen Mine, is saved by Fuzzy from being killed by Rago’s henchmen when his undercover is blown and the marshal rounds up all the baddies–including Rago’s saloon singer girlfriend (Peggy Stewart).


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