AVENGING ANGEL (director: Robert Vincent O’Neil; screenwriter: Joseph M. Cala; cinematographer: Peter Lyons Collister; editor: John R. Bowey; music: Chris Young; cast: Betsy Russell (Molly “Angel” Stewart),Rory Calhoun (Kit Carson), C (Lt. Hugh Andrews), Ross Hagen (Ray Mitchell , hitman), Ossie Davis (Captain Harry Moradian), Paul Lambert (Arthur Garrard), Barry Pearl (Johnny Glitter), Susan Tyrrell (Sally Mosler); Runtime: 93; MPAA Rating: R; producers: Sandy Howard/Keith Rubinstein; Starmaker Entertainment (New World Pictures); 1985)
There’s not much to get excited about in this unimaginative crime story.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

A sequel to Angel (1983). The script by Joseph M. Cala lacks an edge. The direction by Robert Vincent O’Neil(“Angel”/”Paco”/”Wonder Woman”) succeeds mostly in getting the mini skirt costumes right.

Angel (Betsy Russell) is the former Hollywood teen hooker who four years later is a gun-toting graduating law student. Betsy takes on the role of Donna Wilkes in the original film. She goes undercover as a hooker to avenge the death of her officer detective friend (Joseph M. Cala) in an undercover sting of hookers. He saved her from street-life and paid her college tuition.

There’s not much to get excited about in this unimaginative crime story. It seems to be made as an excuse to give us a few cheap thrills over nudity and some violence it softly promotes, and to show us that former western star Rory Calhoun has been at last located in a pic and is still alive.


Dennis Schwartz: “Ozus’ World Movie Reviews”


Molly Stewart () used to be a teenage prostitute known as Angel, but those days have been put behind her as she is now a successful law student, though she is still in contact with the cop who helped her off the streets, Lieutenant Andrews (). Unfortunately, their chummy relationship is about to end, because one night he is rushing to the home of an undercover policewoman who is preparing to go to work, knowing that her cover has been blown. Alas, he is too late and just in time to catch the gangsters as they run out of her house, having killed her and her parents – and then they take shots at Andrews… The original film had been quite a hit for New World, so it was only reasonable that a sequel should be ordered up, with the same man, , behind the thrills. Or that was the idea, yet while the first one was no classic it at least supplied some decent exploitation sequences, but here Avenging Angel looked more like a feature-length episode of a television series with a spot of nudity and swearing added. was absent in this one, and in her place was eighties pin-up Betsy Russell, who similarly did not take her clothes off. Although what clothes she does don are very small, because she has settled on going undercover to track down Andrews’ murderers, but just because she is dressing like a prostitute doesn’t mean she is turning tricks. In fact, there’s absolutely no reason for posing as she does with the plot failing to offer any situations where such a guise might come in handy, but she does get the chance to meet up with some old friends, that is, the actors willing to return from the first instalment. So is back as foul-mouthed Solly, but now she is looking after a baby (not hers). That infant will become very important to the finale, but is this what viewers of Avenging Angel wanted to see, the cast cooing over babies? Surely they wanted the laughs and sleaze from before, but nope, they got to sit through such scenes as ‘s gungslinging Kit Carson liberated from an old folks’ home in a heartwarming fashion, complete with getaway in a pet cemetery hearse which makes comedy noises. But what of the villains, surely they’re a threatening bunch? Well, they’re a coterie of real estate developers who want to force Molly’s friends from their homes. And they have guns. Those gangsters are intent on killing the only witness to Andrews’ death, a supposedly cutesy but in effect highly resistable chap called Johnny Glitter () who dresses like an extra from and sprinkles, well, glitter around, complete with the sound of little tinkling bells as he does so. With an artist’s impression of the main bad guy which looks nothing like him (they don’t even get his hair colour right), our intrepid heroes do find the evildoers, and bump off one of the head honchos in a hilarious slipping on the wet floor through a top storey window routine, but as this would be a mercifully short film if that were the end, there’s still half an hour of plot to get through after that. Avenging Angel is decidedly mild for a film that showcases the action it does, but surprisingly it spawned more, even lesser, sequels. Music by Christopher Young. Reviewer:
:Betsy Russell

Rory Calhoun

Susan Tyrrell

Ossie Davis

Captain Harry Moradian

Robert F. Lyons

Steven M. Porter

Paul Lambert

Arthur Gerrard

Barry Pearl

Johnny Glitter

Estee Chandler


Tim Rossovich

Teddy Butts

Frank Doubleday

Miles Gerrard

Howard Honig

Sergeant Hal Baylor

Ross Hagen

Ray Mitchell

Tracy Robert Austin


Michael A. Andrews