(director: Jules Dassin; screenwriters: DeVallon Scott/Alan Friedman/from the story “The Adventure of a Ready Letter Writer” by Blanche Brace; cinematographer: Karl Freund; editor: Chester Schaeffer; music: George Bassman; cast: Marsha Hunt (Evie O’Connor), John Carroll (Edgar ‘Wolf’ Larson), Hume Cronyn (John Phineas McPherson), Spring Byington (Mrs. McPherson), Pamela Britton (Barney Lee), Norman Lloyd (DeWitt Pynchon), Percival Vivian (Mr. McPherson), Donald Curtis (Capt. Budlowe), Esther Howard (Mrs. Edgewaters), Robin Raymond (Eloise Edgewaters), Therese Lyon (Mrs. Jackson), Lynn Whitney (Miss Jenkins); Runtime: 89; MPAA Rating: NR; producer: William Wright; MGM; 1946)

“Harmless comedy.

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

This slight comedy about a mix-up is a weak updated remake of the 1922 silent comedy Don’t Write Letters. Jules Dassin(“Brute Force”/”Never on Sunday”/”Rififi”) directs this predictable MGM B programmer in a breezy style. It’s based on the story “The Adventure of a Ready Letter Writer” by Blanche Brace. The screenwriters are DeVallon Scott and Alan Friedman.

Evie O’Connor (Marsha Hunt) works as a secretary for a Brooklyn shirt company that makes Army uniform shirts. As a patriotic gesture she leaves her name and address in the husky-sized uniform shirt pocket that’s received by an unknown soldier. The hunky womanizer Edgar ‘Wolf’ Larson (John Carroll) discards her letter but his nerdy army buddy, John Phineas McPherson (Hume Cronyn), picks it up and corresponds with Evie but sends Wolf’s photo. When his Texas based outfit gets transferred to NY, McPherson poses as Wolf upon visiting Evie, fearful she would reject him because he’s plain looking and skinny. Chaos follows when Wolf learns of Johnny’s deception and decides to meet Evie. In the end, everything gets straightened out in this harmless comedy.

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