(director: James Banford; screenwriter: Steven Paul; cinematographer: Anton Bakarski; editor: Trevor Mirosh; music: Rich Walters; cast: Katherine McNamara (Agent Agnes Miles), Ian Bohen (President Edwards),  (Vice President Hansen), Rade Šerbedžija (Rodinov), Paul S. Tracey (Miller), Anthony Michael Hall (Sam Waitman), Antony Davidov (Bahrudin), Ivo Ariakov (Blue Eyes); Runtime: 90; MPAA Rating: R; producer: Steven Paul; Paramount Global/Republic Pictures; 2024)

“Sketchy and inane narrative.”

Reviewed by Dennis Schwartz

Canadian filmmaker James Banford, known by the nickname Bam Bam, directs this ineffective but somewhat entertaining terrorist hijack thriller. It’s an unpolished pic that lets us see at least through its fight scenes that Bam Bam is skilled at doing stunt work — which he has done for over thirty years. The routine B-film is written by Steven Paul as if he fell out of the plane’s emergency door and was still writing on his way down this sketchy and inane narrative.

The no-nonsense female secret service Agent Agnes Miles (Katherine McNamara), the niece of the Secret Service head (Anthony Michael Hall), was recruited by him because of her military experience. She is assigned with a large secret service team to protect the unmarried, newly-elected President Edwards (Ian Bohen). They are in the fictional oil rich Eastern European country of Astovia, where the fascist leader, opposed to the government, General Rodinov (Rade Šerbedžija), vents against his country’s leader who is signing an energy deal that’s already been arranged beforehand.

When back on Air Force One, with the President aboard, a group of revolutionary terrorist have replaced the flight crew and have hijacked the plane in a reaction to their country dealing with the hated Americans. They are in communication with Rodinov, as there’s heavy fighting between the agents and terrorists.

Meanwhile Allison leads the President to safety by parachuting to a farm, where they bond.

Only the fight scenes gave the film a purpose and an energy.